Home Center Corner: 5 things you can do to celebrate Earth Day

by Margie Olivares


At Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio, we care about the Earth. Celebrate Earth Day with us by doing one of these five things on Friday, April 22nd.


1. Visit one of our stores for an Earth Day freebie

Stop by one of our four stores to get your Eco-Friendly freebie (no purchase necessary).  You can find great deals on home improvement items. More importantly, you never know what else you can find in-store. We have constantly rotating merchandise based on the best deals we can get you and what people donate. You never know what you can find!


2. Schedule a Donation Pick-Up

If you’re looking to de-clutter this spring cleaning season, give us a call. You can schedule a day for us to pick up items you wish to donate, so you don’t have to. By donating your appliances and furniture to us, you help divert more items going to the landfill. For a small fee, our staff can disassemble items to remove them from your home.

(See a full list of acceptable items here.)


3. Donate clothing items to our Phil the Box

Donate all your gently used clothes, shoes, belts, hats and other clothing items. Drop them off at one of our Phil the Box locations. Your donations help reduce the number of clothes that go to landfills. In turn, those donations help assist Habitat’s home-building program.


4. Utilize the wrecking crew

Say you are planning to remodel. For a small fee, our Wrecking Crew will do the work. Our team will remove cabinets, keeping them intact, to re-sell at our stores.


5. Donate to our Cars For Homes

If you have a nonfunctioning vehicle, you can donate that to us. As long as the vehicle has four wheels, we will tow it away for free. Vehicle donations then go towards our homebuilding program.


For other ways to celebrate Earth Day, visit EarthDay.org


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