Fall House Dedication

Blessing the build: Highlights from the Fall House Dedication

By: Sebastian Aguilar

Hundreds of Habitat volunteers rolled out 52,000 sq ft of sod, covering eight new yards and capping off the fall build. Habitat’s Fall House Dedication followed landscaping as the community celebrated 18 new homeowners, gave a nod to Veteran’s Day, and marked the completion of 56 affordable homes in 2022.

“It was great to meet all the volunteers…You feel grateful because you have people coming out to help you, out of the kindness of [their] heart,” new Habitat homeowner Ann Pesina said.

Like Pesina and her four children, Antonio and Fayne Cervantes have already moved into their new home. The couple is grateful to the volunteers and donors who made their dreams possible, “With Habitat, we can own a house for our kids!”

The Cervantes family now pays around $800 in monthly mortgage payments including taxes and insurance for their four-bedroom home. “It would have put a big strain on us financially to manage a house this size,” the Cervantes said.

Among the 18 new homeowners highlighted at the November 12th House Dedication was the United States Navy Veteran Jose De Jesus Ortiz. Jose served honorably from 2013-2019.

He received the keys to his new affordable home in October of 2022.

The De Jesus Ortiz family and all 56 hardworking families will enjoy the holidays at home this year, thanks to supporters like you!




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