What is a Hab-i-tour?

A Hab-i-tour is a staff-led informational session open to the public. The goal is to inform others about what we do at Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio. We want as many people as possible to hear about our mission and the work we are trying to accomplish. Volunteers, potential donors, and anyone wishing simply to learn about Habitat are welcome!


How often are Hab-i-tours?

We host eight per year, so (almost) one every month of the year! Tours are always on a Friday and we have two types. You can see them all on our calendar.

Coffee Break tours

The morning tours (8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.) are in our training room. Guests are welcome to have breakfast tacos and coffee during a presentation. After the presentation, we take a walk through our Home Center and back to our full-size model home. We also head to our warehouse to show off our training home.

Lunchtime/Bus Tours

Alternatively, for the lunchtime tours (Noon to 1:15 p.m.) we head out on a bus! After guests arrive, sign in and grab their lunch the bus hits the road. We set for our current build site so guests can see where we are building and learn about Habitat along the way.


Can I learn about how to become a homeowner at the Hab-i-tour?

Hab-i-tours aren’t geared towards interested families. We don’t go into details about what the qualifications are to get into the homeownership program. Interested families are welcome to look at this information on our website (HERE). They can also contact Programs@HabitatSA.org for more information.


Hab-i-tour 2022 Dates

February 18th (Completed)

March 18th (Completed)

April 8th (Completed)

May 20th (Register HERE)

June 10th (Register HERE)

August 12th (Register HERE)

September 16th (Register HERE)

October 14th (Register HERE)


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