National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month

By: Sarah Inez Arredondo


October is National Home Security Month so we’d like to offer some seasonal tips and advice to help protect your home, family and possessions.

1. Doors

Any house should have doorknob locks, dead bolts, chain locks or some combination of these.  A steel door is also best for home security as they are able to resist damage that neither a fiberglass or wood door could stand up to.

2. Windows

Ensure all windows have working locks plus add a dowel to both vertical and horizontal windows for extra security.  Another way to secure windows is by installing security bars or grills.

3. Lights

Add a simple plug-in light timer to automatically control power to small, interior lights.  These are especially helpful during the holidays while you’re on family vacation however can be used anytime.

4. Alarm

A working alarm system is useful at all times whether it’s professionally monitored or not.

5. Cameras

Interior and/ or exterior cameras help to capture footage and deter would-be burglars.

6. Garage Doors

If you enter and exit your home through your garage door, be sure to watch the door close before driving away.

7. Unnatural Occurrences

Contact the authorities if you are suddenly aware of operating exterior water faucets or have an unexpected guest in the middle of the night.  It is highly likely an intruder is waiting to enter your property should you exit your home upon investigation.

8. Plant thorny shrubs

Planting thorny shrubs or cacti under a window not only prevents burglars from entering your dueling but also gives your home some lovely curb appeal.  A few suggestions are: bougainvillea, pyracantha, blackberry, roses, barberry and yucca.


For other needs, such as replacing doors, windows, light fixtures, etc. try visiting one our Habitat Home Center locations for a low cost option.


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