Home Center Corner: Second-Hand Furniture, A Growing Trend

by Margie Olivares


Our Habitat Home Centers are your home for furniture resale. People donate furniture to our four stores regularly. There are so many reasons second-hand furniture is IN right now. With all the supply chain issues around the globe, there’s been a boom in second-hand furniture.


Supply Chain Issues

Manufacturers are struggling. If you’ve tried to purchase furniture in the last two years, you’ve likely experienced a delay. In fact, many furniture stores are seeing delivery times of 14-16 weeks!  Stop waiting around for furniture. Head to one of our stores or browse our social media channels. The only difference is that the good pieces go fast. What you see is what you get. Make your purchase, load up at our loading dock and take it with you that day!


Antiques Are An Aesthetic

So antiques are your vibe. Retro is in right now and what’s more retro than a coffee table from the 70s or a couch from the 80s? Home Centers receive donations from estate sales or people just wanting to get rid of old furniture. There are so many retro pieces that are in great condition because of the quality of craftsmanship in older pieces. In fact, the quality of older pieces tends to be higher than newer ones.

Upcycling Furniture

If you’re someone that is into fixing furniture — we’re the place for you. Some of the furniture we get just needs a fresh coat of paint, a fixed leg or new upholstery. We get a wide variety of furniture (including custom pieces) that just need some sprucing up.

Visit Us!

Stop by any one of our stores! Each location will have different items. Or you can also visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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