2021 Renovation Projects Go Over Budget

Home Center Corner: 2021 Renovation projects go over budget

by: Sarah Arredondo

Did you know that 34% of homeowners saw their renovation projects go over budget in 2021?  That number was even higher at 45% for recent home buyers.  Of those recent home buyers, 79% renovated interior rooms. The median spend on kitchen renovations came in at 27% which went up by 25% from the year before.  Additionally, homeowners spent 11% more than the previous year on bathroom remodels larger than 100 square feet.

You may be asking, why we bring this up.  For two reasons.  Our Wrecking Crew and our Home Centers.

Stay under budget with the Wrecking Crew.

Our Wrecking Crew can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars utilizing our low cost deconstruction service.  The crew has the expertise to retrieve kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sinks, tubs, doors, windows and more.  These usable goods are diverted from entering the landfill and by being taken to our Home Centers, will be sold and repurposed.  Plenty of house flippers and investors need to purchase “used” cabinets to close on a home; this is one way they can.

Save on building material at the Habitat Home Center.

Home remodelers can purchase new and affordable vinyl plank flooring, interior and exterior doors, windows and more; below cost thereby keeping your renovation project from going over budget.  In addition, we carry some of the best quality oak cabinets which are more than 50% cheaper than the big box stores.

Donors and customers can feel good about supporting the Home Center knowing they are saving money, the earth and keeping reusable stock in the San Antonio community.

Save even more with weekly coupons.

By signing up for our weekly emails you will receive relevant information on sales, products and even coupons.  Just text the word HFHSAGV to 22828 and start saving!


Click on the link to check out more of the case study, conducted by Houzz.


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