How to Donate

Easy Drop Off at any of our 3 locations for items that fit in your car. Free Pick Up Service for large / bulky items such as new and gently used home / office furniture, building materials and more. Please review our donations list below and submit a photo in order to reserve your pickup date. *Staff may not enter residence without adult present.

Habitat For Humanity

Stoves, cooktops, ovens, ranges, microwaves and small appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and clothes dryers

Dishwashers, most built-in appliances, used HVAC items

Inoperable appliances or anything more than 5 years old (*acceptance MAY vary depending on condition)

Anything with rust, corrosion or non-manufacturer paint

Habitat For Humanity

Solid wood furniture: tables, side boards, bookcases, chairs, etc.

Sofas and chairs in spotless condition

Small writing desks or roll-top desks

Commercial office furniture

Oversized desks (over 4' x 3')

Mattresses and box springs

Baby cribs, play pens, high chairs, etc. (due to safety recall concerns)

Furniture with tears, peeling, pet stains, pet marks/hair, smells, smoke damage, discoloration or missing pieces

Used sleeper sofas or futons and modular office partitions

Habitat For Humanity

Antiques and collectibles

Candle holders, flower vases, artificial plants and baskets

Framed art, picture frames, curtain rods and wall decor

Kitchen supplies, bedding, linens, drapes, decorative pillows and books

Habitat For Humanity

Framed mirrors & glass

Unframed/Chipped glass or mirrors

Habitat For Humanity

Electronics in perfect working condition with HDMI connection

Flat panel, less than 3 years old

Tube TVs, VCRs, cassette players, and cassette tapes, non-working flat screen televisions

Flat screen nor projection tv's

Habitat For Humanity

Ceiling lights, pendant lights, wall mount lights, exterior lights, table and floor lamps

Glass shades and globes

Ceiling fans, track lighting, new switches/plates and doorbells

New unopened rolls of wire, cable and conduit

Commercial fluorescent light fixtures, industrial type fixtures and electrical supplies

Fixtures without mounting hardware

Used switches, switch plates, breakers, outlets, plugs and light bulbs

Habitat For Humanity

New carpet rolls/area rugs

New vinyl and ceramic floor tile of matching color and style in original boxes

New high-quality laminate flooring and hardwood flooring

Used carpet rolls or area rugs with rips, stains, odors or excessive wear

Any flooring with nails, mortar, grout, chips or any damage

Ceramic or vinyl tile that isn't new-in-box

Used or small lots of tile nor tile trim pieces

Habitat For Humanity

Bathtubs and clawfoot tubs

Under/overmount sinks and pedestal sinks with/without faucets

Kitchen sinks with/without faucets

Shower stalls, shower bases and pans

Toilets (new, in box; drop off only), pipes, fittings, valves

Anything with rust, corrosion, chips, cracks, scratches, caulking, glue or large stains

Non-lead free plumbing such as water filters, faucets, drinking fountains, water heaters, hose bibs

Cast iron bathtubs or sinks

Habitat For Humanity

Kitchen, bathroom and medicine cabinets

Counter tops and bathrooms' single/double bowl vanity tops (with cabinets)

Cabinets without doors or drawers

Anything with rot, water damaged/deteriorated cabinets and doors, cultured marble tops more than 36”

Habitat For Humanity

Interior/exterior doors no more than 6’8” tall

Shower doors complete with track

Sliding patio doors with frame intact and no broken seals

Doors over 80" tall and not a standard width (*acceptance MAY vary on taller, decorative entry doors)

Doors that have holes, rot, broken glass, splintering, protruding nails, broken or water damaged

Habitat For Humanity

Wood casement window sashes

Wood casement windows complete with jamb

Residential single, double and triple pane vinyl windows complete with jamb

Aluminum/steel casement windows and or sashes

Nails that protrude from frame

Windows with broken/fogged/leaking glass

Unframed glass/windows

Corded window blinds without "Best for Kids" label

Habitat For Humanity

Patio/ Outdoor furniture, fireplaces and grills

Gates and full rolls of fencing material

Lawn and garden tools, lawn mowers

Decking, bricks, pavers, stones and cinder blocks in large amounts and on pallets

Anything with debris, rot, rust or other damage

Habitat For Humanity

Power tools, hand tools and ladders

Cabinet pulls, hinges, (new) doorknobs, deadbolts

Decorative gate hardware, boxed nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc

Used doorknobs or deadbolts

Inoperable tools or tools missing pieces

Other things We cannot Accept Below is a partial list of items we cannot accept as donations. Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive and other items may be refused at the store manager’s discretion. Please call for guidance before dropping off / scheduling any donation.

  • Partial or used cans of paint/stain
  • Chemicals
  • Drywall (unless new and unbroken)
  • Small scraps of lumber plywood, or those with nails/screws exposed
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Pallets

Reserve your Free Donation Pickup; Here Donations can also be dropped off at any of the three store locations.



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