Beginning with an End in Mind

Habitat builds affordable single-family detached homes. We have historically built homes in areas where we can build groups of 5 or more homes in a single neighborhood. Habitat concentrates on both transforming large tracts (18 + acres) of vacant and abandoned land into thriving neighborhoods, as well as smaller infill projects.

Building with Durability and Environment in Mind

Our homes are built with our partner families in mind. We procure quality building materials and ensure that we build quality homes that will last several lifetimes. Habitat homes built in San Antonio are extremely energy efficient and will be affordable for our families to maintain. All homes are built according to LEED Level 1, Energy Star, and CPS Smart Energy standards.

Building with Families Needs in Mind

We build 3-bedroom homes (1,290 square feet) and 4-bedroom homes (1,296 square feet). Homes cost us approximately $145,000 to build. Homes are financed with a 15-year to 25-year, zero-percent interest loan. Payments from our families are as low as $900 per month (including taxes and insurance).


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