Home Center Hero – Sabrina Casas-Avila

May 7, 2018

Home Center Hero – Sabrina Casas-Avila

Sabrina Casas-Avila is President of Brand Panacea Enterprise, a volunteer on the Advisory Board to the Institute of Texan Cultures, and has years of experience in investing and flipping houses.

Growing up, Sabrina’s aunt/mother, Theresa, instilled the importance of giving back.  It is this reason that Sabrina has such a huge heart and passion for helping others.

One of the many ways Sabrina gives back is by shopping at our Habitat Home Centers, where she is able to find affordable paint, flooring and other knick knacks needed for herself.

Knowing that the proceeds raised from the purchases she makes are directly impacting Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio’s home building program is why she continues to frequent our stores.

A secret she figured out early in her shopping years with us was that you need to “purchase in bulk”.

When she had a property she needed to flip, she would come in and get extra paint and flooring so as not to fall short in a time of need.

80% of this particular home (pictured below) is all “Habitat” product with 100% of the paint job done with paint purchased from our Walzem Rd. location.

Although Sabrina visits all 3 locations for various items such as shower curtains, sinks and door locks; Walzem is her favorite place to visit.

Curiosity is what brought Sabrina into our Probandt location back in the 90’s after a hard day’s work.  She wondered what this store was and decided to walk in and check it out.  She has been hooked ever since and is now a “regular” shopper.

Sabrina has always known about Habitat’s mission and the positive impact it has on families in our community because she personally has friends who have benefited from purchasing a “Habitat Home”, however what she didn’t know at the time was about the Home Centers.

Her advocacy in sustainability even has her brother visiting our Home Centers up to 3 times per week! He has also realized that purchasing often and in bulk will keep his inventory stocked for his plumbing company.

We appreciate Sabrina in all that she does for Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio and that is why she is our Home Center Hero.

Thank you Sabrina!






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