Lunch Crew

Members of the lunch crew are an incredibly important part of the building process and are greatly appreciated by our volunteers and construction staff. Members of the lunch crew provide food, beverages and paper products for approximately 30 volunteers on any scheduled build day.

To Bring a Lunch

Lunches provided to volunteers on site make an invaluable contribution to our home building program. These meals should be simple, wholesome, and convenient for the workplace. Call Volunteer Services at 210-223-5203 to coordinate lunch for 30 volunteers.


Please check in with VOLUNTEER SERVICES when you arrive and they will direct you to where the lunch should be set up. You will have a table and a garbage can set up for you in advance.

Plan to bring enough food to feed 30 adults. One way to assure the right number of lunches is to bring them already bagged or boxed.

Here are some ideas for lunches. These are just suggestions, other food items are welcome!

  • Spaghetti & bread
  • Hot dogs
  • Chicken & potatoes
  • Rice, beans & a main item such as tacos or enchiladas
  • Please NO foods that can easily spoil - such as mayonnaise-based salads

All the above lunches should be served with a beverage – soda, juice or iced tea all work well. On cold days, hot beverages are welcome. They should also contain a snack such as chips or cookies. In addition, all lunches should come with all plates, forks, napkins, etc. that are required as we do not have these items on site.

Basic rules for food hygiene need to be observed. Menu items that contain eggs, mayonnaise and/or any dairy product should be kept cold before serving to prevent the growth of bacteria. Likewise, hot foods should be served hot. Electricity can be secured on site, but serving conditions are very basic.

To schedule a lunch, Contact Volunteer Services at 210-223-5203.

If you are scheduled for a lunch and are unable to bring it please let Volunteer Services know at least 24 hours in advance.

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