Opportunities To Team Build With Co-Worker In Your Organization

Building a Habitat house with other members of your organization will give you an opportunity to meet and get to know co-workers outside of those with whom you already have working relationships. This interaction with many other  members of your organization will serve to strengthen your team by joining everyone  together in a common goal. It will give each member new experiences to share with each other outside of the organization.

Marketing Your Organization

Building a Habitat house will give your organization a chance to shine in the public's eye. It can show everyone that you are extremely involved in giving back to the community.

Chance To Give Back To San Antonio

As a Habitat house sponsor you will have the great opportunity to work with one of the leading nonprofit organization in San Antonio. Your organization will become part of the positive solution for community revitalization across the city.

Providing Affordable Housing For A Very  Low Income Family

Your organization will be helping to build a simple, decent and affordable house with a family who would not ordinarily be able to afford their own house. You will be helping turn this dream of owning a house into a wonderful reality for a very low-income family.

Meet Other Habitat Volunteers And Staff On The Worksite

The opportunity to meet and get to know people from all over San Antonio is a wonderful additional advantage.

Practice And/Or Learn Hands-On Practical Building Skills

Whether you are a master carpenter or have never seen a hammer in your life, being a house sponsor and helping build a Habitat house is like no other practical building experience in the world. Habitat provides house leaders who have the experience to manage and guide you through the building of a Habitat house -- whether it is your first house or your fifth one.

Chance To Escape From Your Desk Job

What is so nice about building a Habitat house is that it gives you the opportunity to get away from your desk job. Whether it is during the week or weekend that you will be building -- you will certainly not go home with eyes that are tired from staring at a computer screen.

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