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The number of homes built in our 37-year history
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  • The Wrecking Crew

    The EPA estimates 170 million tons per year of construction and demolition debris is going into landfills.

    The Construction Materials Recycling Association estimates it to be closer to 350 million tons.

    How can we reduce these numbers?

    What can you do to help the environment and community?


    By making a single phone call to Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio prior to your expected demolition or renovation, you can have the Wrecking Crew come and remove any recyclable or reusable items from your location to be sold in our Home Centers.

    Working appliances, cabinets, fixtures, lighting, doors, windows and any other reusable items in fair condition will be removed.  You will then receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation.

    Our FREE services save you not only time and labor cost but also landfill fees.

    Reusable items taken to one of our three Home Centers in San Antonio are sold to the public at a low cost resulting in funding the of construction of simple, decent and affordable homes for local low-income families in need.

    An initial inspection must be done for work to be planned accordingly so please contact us early on in the process.  We will meet with homeowners, contractors or both to work on YOUR timeline as much as possible.

    Contractors can also qualify for LEED points when recycling materials.

    Contact Chris Martin; Supervisor & Coordinator at 210-599-7109 or at ChrisM@HabitatSA.org

    Interested in more information?  Click here.



  • New Ultra Premium Recycled Latex Paint


    Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio's Home Centers are excited to now carry; Ultra Premium Recycled Latex Paint by evolve.

    In the ongoing effort to keep waste out of the landfill, purchasing and reselling recycled paint was a "no-brainer".

    Evolve is the responsible and informed choice for premium quality recycled paints for your home.  
    Quality manufactured from 90% post-consumer paints, using the most current and innovative technologies, by choosing evolve you help keep household wastes from landfills and incineration.
    You participate in the responsible management of quality recycled paints by partnering with local community initiatives [such as Habitat Home Center] to protect the environment and preventing waste from entering our waterways.
    Clean, safe, and non-toxic, evolve is a low VOC formula offering a radiant color palette from nature.
    Durable, easy application and full coverage, we know you'll love it.  Guaranteed.
    *Durable Finish *Washable *Smooth Coverage
    -ref: evolve paints

    Want to learn more about evolve paints?  Visit www.evolvepaints.com
    Check out the 8 colors in stock at http://www.habitatsa.org/homecenter/Shop/Inventory.aspx
    All colors come in both 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails.
    Visit any one of our 3 stores to purchase your favorite color.
    311 Probandt St.
    5482 Walzem Rd.
    8125 Meadow Leaf Dr.

    facebook.com/Habitat Home Center


  • New Sponsor-Family Highlight

    Meet our newest House Sponsors: Donald and Betty Child

    First heard of Habitat:  They learned about Habitat through their church – Christ Church. 


    Path to house sponsorship: While the Childs donated to Habitat over the course of the last 20 years they decided they wanted to personally make a major impact on a family.  They saved their money and funded the house for the Barba family.  Betty said, “It was our dream to help another family have a home.” They hope to help even more families in the future!


    Family:  The Childs have been married for 66 years! (If you meet them… ask to see the picture of them in front of the Old Route 66 sign.)  They raised two children and have two grandchildren and two great grandchildren. 


    How long they lived in own home:  They have been homeowners for 60 years.  Their hope is to bless the Barba family with this same gift.  


    Fun fact:  Betty taught at Kelly Elementary for 5 years in the early 1960s.  Kelly Elementary is right around the corner from the Barba’s new home and where their kids will attend school.

    Meet the Barba family


    First heard of Habitat: Oscar Barba and Jazmin Vazquez initially learned about Habitat’s homeownership program when they drove past a billboard about Habitat. Then, after hearing about the positive experience a family friend had when she became a Habitat homeowner, they gave it more thought and decided to apply.


    Path to homeownership: The Barba family no longer wants to throw money away renting something that doesn’t belong to them. They want to own their own home to establish stability for their growing family. They are excited about their children having their own yard to run, jump and play in without limitations.


    Family:  Oscar and Jazmin have been married for 7 years. They have two children (Santiago, age 6 and Matteo, age 4).


    What are they most looking forward to about their new home: The Barba family is excited and thankful for the opportunity to own their own affordable home. They plan to stay involved with Habitat beyond program completion to help other families fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners as well.


    Fun fact:  Since getting accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program the Barba family has been blessed with another child on the way!

    Sponsorship opportunities are available to corporations, churches, civic and professional groups, and individuals. For more information about sponsorship levels and the corresponding benefits, please visit www.HabitatSA.org/Support/Sponsorship or call 210-223-5203 x157.



    L to R: The Barba Family; the Barba Family with Donald and Betty Child


    L to R: Jazmin Vazquez adds the final touches of paint to the exterior shutters; the Barba family Children (Santiago, age 6 and Matteo, age 4)

  • Habitat Home Center Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary


    Our first San Antonio Habitat Home Center located at 311 Probandt is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this April! 

    Since our opening in 1994 in the old Joske’s distribution center; the Home Center has been able to successfully acquire new and used building materials and home improvement merchandise in order to resell it to the public at significant savings over regular retail. All proceeds from sales in the Home Centers support Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio’s home building program.

    The resale of goods purchased from liquidators and closeout companies began in 1999, while in-kind donations from individuals and businesses continued. The store, originally opened on a part time basis and staffed by volunteers, is now open full time and staffed by paid employees.

    With sales exploding, our second store on Walzem Rd. was opened in early 2004 in a former Service Merchandise location followed by a third Home Center near Marbach and 410 in 2007 in a former Jo-Ann Fabrics.

    In order to continue growing and being an asset to the community, we invite you to shop and/or donate at any of our now 3 locations: 311 Probandt St., 5482 Walzem Rd., and 8125 Meadow Leaf Dr.

    You can always find plenty of new and used cabinets, doors, windows, furniture, paint sundries, interior/exterior lighting, area rugs, etc.

    Please consider any of our three Habitat Home Centers for your next home improvement purchase and/or donation of overstocked, outdated or gently used items including motorized vehicles.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Give us a call, don’t trash it all!



Home Center

HFHSA operates the Habitat Home Centers located at 311 Probandt, 5482 Walzem and 8125 Meadow Leaf.

The Habitat Home Centers are home improvement thrift stores that sell both new and used home improvement materials to the public. All proceeds from sales in these stores benefit Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio.

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