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  • 12,000 Volunteers = Hungry Mouths!

    Have you ever thought about the magnitude of coordinating 12,000 volunteers each year or that hosting all these volunteers means a lot of hungry mouths to feed?

    We do, each and every day. Habitat is very fortunate that we have the volunteer support that we do – they are the heart of our organization. It takes a lot of effort to schedule volunteers throughout the construction site, often making sure we have enough for as many as 15-20 houses at a time. We not only have to schedule, but we have to also make sure the needs of these volunteers are met while they are on the construction site and we have to coordinate with our construction department to make sure all construction needs are met.

    Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of this task, we currently have 15 houses in various stages of construction. On any ...

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  • Volunteers Needed!



    How will YOU do this in 2010?

    I know – at least for me and my family – answering this question in the face of today’s difficult economic times can be very hard. It’s troublesome, if not impossible, to figure out how to make a difference in the lives of others when you feel you cannot meet the needs of your own family.

    As the New Year approached and I thought about my “New Year’s Resolution” these thoughts came to mind. The fact of the matter is there are many, many people right here in San Antonio who are far worse off than I am. Working for Habitat for Humanity, it’s so easy to see that. In these economic times, these families need us more than ever.

    The other fact of the matter is finances may be difficult but there are many ways to help. VOLUNTEERING...

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  • Happy New Year from HFHSA!

    As the new year begins we are looking to the future and what 2010 holds in store for HFHSA. What does 2010 mean for us? It means working hard to complete the 54 homes we’ve planned for the coming year. We are off to a good start, as five of those homes are already under construction.

    But, we cannot look to the future without first looking back and saying THANK YOU to the hardworking families, the amazing volunteers and the generous donors who helped us bring 2009 to a successful close – and put 50 more deserving families in new Habitat homes of their own.

    Today, we celebrate that these families will not have to worry each night about where they will lay their heads as they go to sleep. They won’t have to worry about whether they have to make the choice between paying a rent payment they ...

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  • Volunteers make year special!

    As the fall portion of our building schedule is nearing an end, I thought it might be worth revisiting some of the special stories that we’ve enjoyed this year.

    Below is a reprint of a press release we sent out about one impressive group of volunteers who have worked with Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio for many years.  This group of retired gentlemen has not only spent countless hours volunteering their time for us, but has recently taken on the task of raising funds to build an entire house.

    Their house – along with 16 other new homes – will be dedicated in ceremonies set for 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 7.  The public is invited.

    Our hats are off to you!! Read on ….

    Shielding his eyes from the August sun and looking around at a group of volunteers preparing to secure a wall panel to the ...

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  • World Habitat Day -- It begins at home

    The United Nations has designated the first Monday of each October as World Habitat Day.

    This is a global observance to bring people together everywhere in recognition of the housing needs faced by people all over the world.


    But, it all begins at home.  So please join Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio today as we continue to recognize that the lack of decent, affordable housing in San Antonio is absolutely unacceptable!

    There are more than 210,000 San Antonians living in poverty -- 24% of them are under the age of 5.  There are families right here in San Antonio living in unsafe neighborhoods and in overcrowded conditions without even the basic "luxuries" of adequate plumbing and electricity.  They often spend more than half their income on rent, leaving very little for the other necessities in life.


    Working with these families, thousands of volunteers and others who give ...

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  • Habitat appears on Great Day SA!

    Habitat for Humanity was lucky to appear on Great Day San Antonio on Wednesday. 


    The show featured home improvement tips and included a segment on HFHSA and its work to help local families achieve the dream of homeownership.


    The show followed weekend construction, during which Great Day SA staff volunteered on our construction crews.


    Check the show out!!



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  • Come see what we are about!

    Want to learn more about Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio? Considering becoming a volunteer, but want to see the organization in action before making a commitment? Have you made a donation and want to see your money at work?

    We’ve got a great opportunity for you – join us on our September 18th Hab-i-tour.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to gain some insight into the organization and our building program, Hand Up Homes of San Antonio, as well as the families served by that program. And, you’ll hear it all straight from those involved: the staff, the volunteers and homeowners.

    It’s a real bargain for the price – FREE! It only lasts an hour so the commitment is minimal and you’ll walk away with the reward of knowing just what an impact HFHSA has made and is still making in San Antonio. You’ll also get a brief look ...

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  • Heat doesn't damper the volunteer spirit!

    It’s August 21, day one of the final phases of HFHSAs 2009 building year. Today marks the beginning of construction on nine homes, with the final eight to begin in three weeks.

    Standing in the summer heat this morning and looking out over the nine homes that are now underway, I was thinking “it’s going to be a long day.” It was not even 9 a.m. and I could feel sweat already slowly trickling down the back of my neck and taking my mood with it.

    Regardless of the 90+ degree heat, I set out with camera in hand to begin chronicling the homes to be built in partnership with families in need and hundreds of volunteers during HFHSAs “fall” building season. I stepped up to the first house and immediately the heat didn’t seem to matter anymore and my mood began to lift.

    It never ceases to amaze me ...

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  • Join HFHSA in the social networking world!

    We cannot turn on the television, or pick up a newspaper or magazine without reading about “Twittering” or what’s happening on a myriad of “social networking” sites.  What is all this about?

    At Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio our main goal is to eliminate substandard housing in our city by building simple, decent and affordable homes.  We want to put as many lower income families in brand new homes of their own as possible, and help these families lift themselves out of inadequate living conditions.  And we are doing just that – more than 600 families have been served by our program since its founding in 1976.

    Because there are many things that come into play to make this happen – such as fundraising and recruiting volunteers and families – one of our other goals is to continually spread the word about our mission.   We do that in many ...

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  • Dedication ceremony well worth braving the heat!

    This past Saturday, Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio held its third dedication ceremony for 2009.


    It’s June in San Antonio and to be quite honest, I was not looking forward to the event in the 100+ degree weather we’ve been having lately.  But once I got there, the heat didn’t matter.  It wasn’t because I didn’t sweat, because I did.  It really had nothing to do with me or HFHSA. It was because of the people that were there that I got lost – well, I hate to sound cliché, but I got lost in the moment.


    As usual, the event was great.  I always love talking to the families and hearing their worHabitat mom & daughterds of excitement as they cross the stage to receive their Bible and symbolic toolboxes.  They always look so excited knowing that their homes are complete and move-in day is just a short ...

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