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  • College Day is 'Fitting' for Habitat Site

    Tomorrow is College Day at Coleman Ridge.

    More than 150 college students from the University of Texas at San Antonio, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio College, Our Lady of the Lake University and Trinity University will gather to help us build homes with families in need.

    We have always had tremendous support from our area schools, colleges and universities, but we are really excited to have so many students on site at one time.

    What a perfect way to continue our work and a unique way to emphasize the benefits of home ownership.

    Did you know that children of homeowners are 116% more likely to graduate from college than children of renters? We think that is amazing and how fitting to have college students help build homes in partnership with our families.

    The students – and all of our volunteers – are doing more than just building homes.  They are ...

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  • Volunteers "Take Our Breath Away"


    While sorting through some old photographs Friday in the Habitat office, I ran across this photo.

    I don’t know who took it, who is in it or even when it was taken.

    What did strike me is the wording written on the top of the window frame –

    Life is not measured by the number of “breaths” you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

    I’ve heard and seen this quote many times. I’ve seen it attributed to many people ranging from Maya Angelou to George Carlin to a greeting card company. I’ve even used it as a caption under photos of my children in scrapbooks, but on this day it really hit home.

    It hit home because on Friday I had just left the construction site of our newest subdivision. The commitment of our families and the dedication of our volunteers and supporters never cease to ...

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  • We Need Volunteers

    Long before I worked for Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio (HFHSA), I was a volunteer. 

    Through the years I have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity with various organizations.  When I picked up that hammer or that paint brush, I did so knowing I was doing something good; knowing that I would be helping a family achieve their dreams; and knowing that I could be helping a small child who may have not yet have known the security of living in a safe and comfortable home.

    For me, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity was very rewarding and fun.  Now that I work for the San Antonio affiliate, it means so much more to me.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of families who come to HFHSA seeking a way to better their lives.  I have a so much better appreciation for their hard work and for ...

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  • Volunteers Make the World A Better Place

    It’s National Volunteer Week and we cannot let the week go by without giving a big THANK YOU to the thousands of volunteers that make the work of Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio possible.

    We cannot express enough – not just this week, but all year long – our gratitude to the wonderful people who give of their time and money to help build homes with families in need in our community.  YOU make a tremendous impact on the lives of many.

    I was revisiting a few past blog posts and ran across this one, where we explored the “what if’s” of a perfect world and making the world a better place.

    The reality is the world is not a perfect place.  But our volunteers are making great efforts to make it that way!

    There are families right here in San Antonio living in conditions that no one ...

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  • We Are Thankful!!

    At this time of year, as we reflect upon all that we have to be thankful for, we at Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio want you to know how grateful we are for you, our loyal supporters and partners of Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio.   


    Without our volunteers, sponsors and individual donors, the work of HFHSA could not happen.


    Because of you, 682 hardworking, low-income families in San Antonio will get to spend their holidays this year in the comfort and safety of their own simple, decent and affordable home.


    We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and supporting Habitat family.



    With Sincerest Thanks and Wishing You Happy Holidays.

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  • Help Us Fight Inadequate Housing

    Today is World Habitat Day.

    This is a global observance set aside the first Monday of each October to bring people together everywhere in recognition of the housing needs faced by people all over the world.


    But, it all begins at home.  So please join Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio today as we continue to recognize that the lack of decent, affordable housing in San Antonio is something that we just cannot accept.


    Recent headlines about the rising poverty in our nation – at it’s highest level in 51 years – brings the importance of recognizing the needs of our community to the forefront now more than ever.  According to recent Census Bureau statistics, 19.5% of San Antonians live in poverty.  This is sad.

    There are more than 210,000 San Antonians living in poverty – 50,000 of them are under the age of 5.  There are ...

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  • Get a First-Hand Look at HFHSA on Hab-i-Tour

    There’s no better way to learn about Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio than to hear what our homeowners have to say about their Habitat homes.

    You can read another inspiring story that has just been added to our “Words from our Homeowners” page. Please take a moment to check it out.

    You can also hear words first-hand from homeowners and staff by attending Friday’s Hab-i-tour. The event is free and lasts only an hour. It’s a great experience if you are a seasoned Habitat supporter, if you just want to learn more or even if you are considering volunteering or donating to HFHSA.

    The guided tour leaves our offices at 1:00 p.m. Friday, July 16. It is led by HFHSA staff and features words from homeowners. While on the tour you’ll see homes that are completed and homes that are under construction. You’ll see volunteers at work building homes ...

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  • Reflections on Homeownership...

    June is National Homeownership Month. I’m sure to many of us, June is just another month. But for some, especially Habitat families, it’s a time to reflect on what a difference homeownership has made in their lives.

    There’s no truer testament to the impact that Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio and the simple, decent and affordable homes we build in partnership with families in need has than words from the families themselves.

    We thought we would take this opportunity to reprint a few comments from homeowners past and present. These comments come from speeches they may have given at various Habitat events, from newsletter articles or just from conversations. Enjoy their comments. And, when you are done, take a look at the homeowner benefits section of our website.

    Read on.

    “To have your own home means freedom. To have your own home means having the ability to be an ...

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  • We Need You!!

    Volunteers Needed to Help With Landscaping

    and Help Complete Homes on Time

    Do you have a green thumb? Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Do you like to volunteer? Are you a seasoned HFHSA volunteer or are you looking to become one?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, WE NEED YOU this Saturday, June 5.

    Saturday is landscape day for 12 of the homes that are currently under construction in our Palo Alto Community and we don’t have enough volunteers scheduled to get the job done.

    This is where you come in: sign up to volunteer and come out to help us lay sod and plant greenery in the flower beds of these 12 homes. You will be filling a great need by helping us put the finishing touches on these homes and complete them on schedule for the 12 hardworking families who are waiting ...

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  • The Many Faces of Habitat

    Throughout my employment with Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio I have watched as a neighborhood in our Palo Alto community has taken shape and as lives have been changed by something I’m sure many of us have taken for granted -- owning a home.

    As I’ve watched, I’ve realized I’m seeing more than people purchasing and moving into a home. I’m seeing more than construction crews laying foundations, raising walls and putting a roof over what will some day be the home of a well-deserving family. I’m watching more than houses pop up and line the streets of a new neighborhood.

    What I’ve been watching are the many faces of Habitat that ultimately come together to make our mission of eliminating substandard housing in San Antonio possible. These are people from all walks of life and from varied backgrounds coming together for one common goal – making sure as ...

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